Pilates Rotterdam Trainer Education

From September 2021 we are starting a new Pilates Trainer Education. (WE STARTED!!! 🙂

We are finally offering a full Pilates certification, covering the whole method. The most extensive repertoire of exercises offered in a single education ever taught by the people who can really do it well.

Learn the method in an honest and friendly way, without attachments to brands or ‘schools’, from teachers with decades of experience. We will cover an enormous amount of material, from the simplest exercises all the way up to the most demanding level.

An education to gain from Pilates what you will share with your clients. Benefit from the method and learn it so well that you can become extremely proficient at it. All of it. It is not easy, but it is very rewarding. If you learn it all in a friendly atmosphere with very capable trainers, all the better.

The education will be fully hosted at the studio, and it will cover 6 months of intensive tuition. Participants can take over a year to finish it if they need the time.

Existing certified trainers can also pick items from the education if they want to participate in some seminars or workshops.

More information in the flyer: PR Trainer course

If you are interested, do contact us and let us know if you need more information or would like to apply and take a preliminary assessment.

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