Pilates instructor course

From September 2023, we will start a new course for Pilates instructors. We offer a complete method for the Pilates instructor certificate. It covers the most extensive repertoire and all exercises taught to you by people with a lot of experience and knowledge!

Learn the method in an honest and friendly way with instructors with years of experience, without being tied to brands or ‘schools’. We cover many lesson materials, from the simplest to the most demanding exercises.

Everything you learn, you share with your clients. Learn the complete method at a professional level and become that professional yourself, in everything. It won’t be easy, but the outcome will be highly satisfactory. And when you can learn all of this in a friendly atmosphere with highly competent instructors, all the better.

The course is taught entirely at our studio and includes six months of intensive teaching. Participants can take more than a year to complete the course if needed. Already certified instructors can also take items out of the training if participation in some seminars is preferred.

Read our flyer to find out more.

Please get in touch if you are interested and would like more information. Before you can register for the course, an ‘interview’ will take place to assess whether you are up to the challenge.