A little update

Hello all!

Yes, I haven’t been updating the site much lately… but there is a reason for it: No time!

And I am serious: teaching, building, traveling, interviewing, researching, taking sessions, writing -yes, book is on the works!- testing, making videos and pictures of the whole catalog of Contrology… and some ‘normal’ life next to it.

I included some pictures to keep you barely updated.

1st is the Head Pole above -I decided to give it a name- of which there is two different designs. I am using the 1st design in the pic.

Then there is the bench mat. I made one and I am super-happy with it. It is narrower so you get a nice sense of direction and, like the high mat in the studio, it is great to teach on. I can’t tell you how much nicer the strap is this way. Clients really like it too. Especially since they feel that using an exact replica of the one that Joseph used in the studio is kind of cool.

Then is the Metal V-bed and the Rehab Table. Both joined into one. The middle bar is the Metal Bed (thanks to Sean Gallagher for access to the original) and the top bar is the Rehab Bed, precursor of the Table (Cadillac) and different. It has different setting to also accommodate the earlier Table which was lower (the one you can see him using with Romana) so 3 beds in one.

I am building a new table for them, since it should be quite a bit narrower, but I decided to add it quickly to the High Mat since we have a client who due to her condition has to stay in the table for literally her whole session allowing her to perform more exercises.

The different settings of everything allows you to perform many exercises that are otherwise too dangerous in the Trapeze Table or make no sense. After all the original order of the Table comes from the Rehab Table before the trapeze and canopy were added. We had it for almost a year and it has become an essential since a lot of exercises are made for it.

Well, we continue to photograph and video everything -I mean everything-, clean the catalog and write about the method.

Sean Gallagher is also writing another part and in the near future you can expect some results. Very concrete, serious and well done.

I hope you liked the pics.



Astros 2 June 2016 at 15:59

Did not notice this part of the webpage before Javier, how very interesting. Makes me wanna work out! How narrow is the bench mat? Different from the usual mat/high mat? And then why? Best to all of you!

Fran 24 November 2016 at 14:47

Hola Javier, no paras!!!me alegro muchoque sigas con la investigación.
SoyFran de Las Palmas.
Sólo quería saludarte y golisnear(veo que es una pagina web nueva , me gusta).
Sigue así.

Caroline Dias Pereira 14 November 2017 at 08:36

Dear Javier, I would like to order the Biographie in English, can you please contact me?
Thank you and have a lovely day!

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