In a world of fitness and rehabilitation, where complicated and “space age” looking design is the norm, Pilates equipment looks simple and rather old fashioned. Perhaps the efficiency of the apparatuses is a direct result of the simplicity used when designing them. The less cumbersome the design, the more uses and types of individuals it can accommodate. Bear in mind that in many of these apparatuses hundreds of exercises are performed, with very little fuss, by many varied types of individuals with all kinds of conditions. Sessions can be given both in Dutch and English.


We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, if you call later we will have to charge you for the session. When you buy a Session Card you have -apart from the discount- the right to a fixed place in the schedule, same day and time reserved every week. All prices are per person.

DUET€ 25,-
GROUP€ 15,-

Group mat sessions 1 hour
1 Session€ 16,50
5 Session Card (valid 1 year)€ 77,50
10 Session Card (valid 1 year)€ 150,-
20 Session Card (valid 1 year)€ 297,-

Private sessions 1 hour
1 session€ 65,-
5 session card (valid 1 year)€ 307,-
10 session card (valid 1 year)€ 596,-
20 sessions card (valid 1 year)€ 1.170,-

Duet sessions 1 hour
1 session€ 48,75
5 session card (valid 1 year)€ 230,-
10 session card (valid 1 year)€ 450,-
20 session card (valid 1 year)€ 877,50