The idea behind the workshops… if you can call them that!

Ok, so here is the idea:

There is a zillion ways to get “certified” in Pilates (or so called Pilates Methods) and we are NOT going to start a discussion on their particular value. Nowadays they are almost more trainers than practitioners!!! The performing leaves -in out view- a lot to be desired. Yes there are many good performers out there but considering, first the amount of trainers and second, the breath and possibilities of the method, most trainers do or can do very little. Again, let’s not discuss why they don’t practice enough. Moving on, we would like to offer some “help”.

That “help” is not so much knowledge but inspiration: on our “workshops” -for lack of a more appropriate word- we don’t “teach”, we perform all together. Quite a few of the participants are of a rather high level so it also becomes an opportunity to see the work and how it looks on others.

We keep the level high to encourage people to reach up to it and we try our best to help them get there.

Rather than watch the advanced work on a “parallel” universe, on the web or on a dvd, you get to be part of the experience. You get to learn the exercises that you always wanted to practice and see the ones you wanted help with.

After 30 year doing Pilates I can only say one thing: the ones who have been practicing it for longer are the best teachers. I don’t mean teaching/training others. I mean sweating. And not just enough -like for example during a certification- to allow you to perform the exercise once but consistently enough to create some track record for yourself.

The best you can offer is your own experience and not repeat what others say it should feel like.

We make the workshops quite affordable and you are always in charge of how much you do during them.

If you would like to be informed about when they are happening let us know at They are on average once every two months.



Michaela 1 April 2017 at 17:53

Hi Javier,

So great your articles and so personal and original.
Finally someone who is real in Pilates.

Hope to see you soon.

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