The Biography Website

The Biography site.

We are building a website for the authors of the biography of Hubertus Joseph Pilates using the material that they want to add to their existing work to complement the one already on the book and also to show some of the graphical content already on the book. The gallery is quite extensive and we will be adding more material. Almost everyday  a few pictures are added.

Also, apart from the lists of places and people consulted, Javier Perez Pont has agreed to publish the eulogy he wrote for the 2012 Conference in Nice. A different approach to writing and thinking about Pilates (the man) and his ideas.

We added an errata page and a forum. The gallery is now over 110 pictures!! And some more to come.

In the mean time feel free to add here any thoughts, suggestions or comments.


Javier Velazquez


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